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How do we begin ?

Let’s uncover our inner heroes! Imagine a world where every child sees themselves as the hero of their stories, facing challenges, embarking on adventures, and learning valuable lessons. Whether it’s a chosen character or a new creation, their limitless imagination knows no bounds in crafting their own tales.
Isn’t it time to start writing your own story now? It’s time for young writers to discover themselves. Every child is unique and special, with their own stories to tell. So, what’s your story? Young writers can either add their own unique touch to the provided options or create their own story from scratch, choosing where, how, and with whom their story unfolds.
Would you like to share the story you’ve created with the world? Instead of reading classic tales, how about letting the unique stories crafted by young authors serve as inspiration for children everywhere? You can upload your created story here, and after the necessary reviews, we can share it on our page, potentially inspiring children worldwide.

Last Stories

Create the perfect personalized gift for children with our beloved little duck, one of the first friends children often meet and adore! This book goes beyond expressing unconditional love for animals; it takes them on various adventures customized to your chosen time and place. The narrator is the little duck, leading your child through selected adventures. Especially designed for curious little ones taking their first steps, this book, with its waddling duck, narrates a unique story tailored just for you, making it a perfect keepsake to cherish the bond you share with your loved one.
Doesn’t every child dream of flying? Discover our book that allows your little one to personalize their own story, tailored to their name, how they want to fly, who they want to be the most, and many other customizations! This book not only brings their flying adventures to life but also creates a safe space for children to dream without limits. It’s a wonderful keepsake that lets you fully personalize the story, create their hero, and take them on one adventure after another. This book is a unique gift that you can give them.
Which child doesn’t love going to camp, especially when they have their favorite companion with them, be it a parent, a beloved pet, or their best friend? Discover our fantastic camp adventure book that can be fully personalized to create a unique experience in your child’s name! In this one-of-a-kind personalized book, you can choose the narrator to speak in their own voice, or even in the voice of their parent, their favorite animal, or their cherished possession. With this book suitable for all ages, you can embark on one adventure after another, and many undiscovered adventures await you.


About Us

Our journey began with a curious duckling hatching from a cracked egg in a lake, eager to explore the world. Just like children, this duckling faced challenges, embarked on adventures, and learned valuable lessons. Our platform is dedicated to creating personalized children’s books that reflect each child’s uniqueness and sense of belonging.
In a diverse world, we believe children deserve stories that mirror their individuality, dreams, and cultures. We offer the opportunity to create the best personalized books, guided by our mottos: “ASK AND LEARN,” “BE KIND,” and “BE BRAVE.”
We aim to support children’s educational and developmental journeys in a fun way. Alongside storybooks, we offer decor products that turn their imaginations into reality. Our philosophy is that all children worldwide are equal, and we strive to empower them to create their own stories and cherish beautiful memories through our products.

Our Team

I, Züleyha, the founder of the story, along with my main supporters Mehmet and Mert, handle all the design processes, logistics, advertising, and software-related aspects of our journey. With our core team of 8 members at our headquarters, we progress as a big family, receiving services from external expert teams in areas requiring psychological support and many others.

But our greatest and most steadfast teammates are the little ones who share their stories with us, always providing feedback for our improvement. You are the ones who have contributed so much to our growth, allowing us to touch children from various cultures around the world, enabling us to share their stories, and facilitating the creation of new and unique heroes. Thank you for making everything beautiful when we work together.


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